Voice Training Like You've Never Heard Before

This isn't your average mom-and-pop voice training. We'll teach you the basics, but also advanced techniques and then some.

Pic of Tori Pic of Tony


  • Volume

    We'll teach you how to project your voice, whether you just need it to order more PSLs or to call your worthless cousin-in-law ethnic slurs.

  • 100% Brainworm Free!

    This course has been certified as 100% brainworm free! By taking this course, you can rid yourself of any troublesome viral memetics that you've picked up from self-harming on the internet.

  • The Cost

    The best part is that this course is debuting at the unprecedented price of absolutely FREE! Get in on this amazing offer before we come down from the k-hole and finish that half-eaten bagel in the fridge!


If you use Tori and Tony Voice Training, we'll get you through the stages in no time!

  • 1 Depressed Manmoder
  • 2 Questionably Straight "Dude"
  • 3 """""Boymoder"""""
  • 4 Woman (Mommy)
  • 🍆 💦 5 Onlyfans Succubus

When going through voice training, you'll find yourself in one of the same 5 stages that everyone else ends up in. The difference with Tori and Tony Voice Training, however, is that you'll find yourself zipping through these stages faster than I can get through three lines of coke in the bathroom sink before my boss comes back in to check on me! Once you get to the final stage, please send me your only fans also how much would you need to step on me a little haha thats just a joke unless

What are you waiting for?

Please just listen or else mommy tori won't let me out of my cage and will get the jumper cables again