Boymoder Awareness Network

Raising awareness for boymoders worldwide

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Founded in 2013, we are a global service organization striving to promote greater boymoder awareness and treatment. While we mainly work with impacted communities such as 4channel, you can also find our efforts in person at select college campuses across the globe as well.

What is a boymoder?

Boymoders are transwomen who attempt to present as male while transitioning with feminizing hormones. Due to social anxiety, they're often afraid of showing any outward signs of femininity while being completely unaware that everyone can notice the changes. You can generally find them wearing oversized hoodies and women's skinny jeans regardless of the weather.

How rare are boymoders anyways?

They're more common than you might think! Whether you're a boymoder awareness advocate or even a boymoder yourself, join our numerous members by adding your location to the tagmap! you can join by using this link here .

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We offer a variety of services to help promote greater boymoder awareness and treatment.
Use #boymoder on Twitter to get involved!


Here's a couple examples of the media that we produce and curate.